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Lumiere is one of the pioneers in organic agriculture, retail and food business in India. We have been in this business for over 18 years now. We practice a unique ‘seed to table’ organic business concept.

Our objective is to provide safe and healthy food for all. We support the organic farmer by practising FAIR-TRADE.

Currently our operations are based in Bangalore and Kerala, through 7 organic stores and one organic restaurant. Leafy green vegetables come from our own organic farm in Varthur, Bangalore. Other farms located in Thali, Tamil N...Read More

Organic Store

Good health and wellbeing are the most primary requirements for a good life. For good health choose food that has no harmful chemicals in it. We bring you organically grown, farm fresh, chemical- free vegetables, fruits, provisions and everything else you need. Give your family the advantage of good health. Every day.
"Give your family the advantage of good health Every day"

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Our Farms

Lumiere believes in sustainable agriculture practices without the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. We cultivate vegetables and fruits in traditional methods using bio-fertilizers and bio-pest controls like farm yard manure, compost, Jeevamrutha, panchagowia, cow-urine, etc.
We also raise our chicken in a cage free environment for the eggs and meat.Visit our farms to get a first-hand experience of how safe the ingredients you choose from our outlets are cultivated. ...Read More
"Lumiere takes this opportunty to salute the farmer community.
who preserves our soil, water and environment and produce safe food for all of us"



We have been customers of Lumiere store close to a year now. Having understood the importance of organic products our prime o...Read More



It’s really surprising how our family got fascinated and fell in love with Lumiere Bakery. My teeth are sensitive to su...Read More

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152/142/1, Ground Floor,
HNS Building, Whitefield,
Bangalore - 560066

E-mail : info@lumiere.co.in
Phone : +91 9341933314

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