A Great /Grate Carrot Cake

by Lumiere, Jun-11th , 2018

Chef Manu’s puffs up a tad when complimented on his carrot cake.

Well, he has every reason to.

Because the Lumiere Carrot cake is like nothing I’ve ever eaten before that passes off as Carrot cake in any Bakery outside.

Chef Manu responds indignantly to the compliment -“Oh! liquid glucose, margarine , food color & synthetic essences , refined sugar and maida, madam! What about the carrots! Have you seen how they are literally dunked in pesticides ?!”

It has an ingeniously unique recipe that is not only completely wholesome and devoid of even the most basic commercial additive, baking powder, but also innovatively employs some typically Indian ingredients like ghee and even turmeric with a distinctively Indian twist in the processing style of the grated carrots that makes up almost 50% of the volume of the cake (for eg:A one kg cake has 450 gms of grated Fresh Organically grown carrots to 550 gms of the best Whole Wheat Flour, Free range Eggs, Genuine Organic Butter, hand chopped almonds /Cashew nuts and Brown sugar!).

Flavoring agents are powdered cardamom, nutmeg and(hold your breath ) dried ginger, a typically Kerala ingredient that not only slightly spices up sweets with its particular variety of mild heat and distinct aroma but also is a powerful digestive.

How is that for innovation ?

“How many more ?” asks Soorya, the new Hearth assistant to Chef Manu as he systematically decimates heaps of fresh sweet organic carrots on his hand held grater.

“Another Kilo ?”replies Manu.

“He makes me Grate/Great”Quipe Soorya cheerfully turning to me.

"It sure ish Great /Grate !”I reply giggling with the nutty mealy deliciously sweet cake filling my mouth,”So are you !"


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