Every animal knows more than you do. – Niimíipuu Tribe (Nez Perce)

by Lumiere, Jun-6th , 2018

Every animal knows more than you do. – -Niimíipuu Tribe (Nez Perce)

The Nez Perce tribe or in their own language, the Niimíipuu, meaning "the walking people" or "we, the people") are an Indigenous people who have lived on the Columbia River Plateau in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States for at least 11,500 years.

This was part of the basic wisdom of being alive in ancient cultures the world over - to acknowledge the different capabilities of different beings with a profound deeply felt respect. At some point of time we grew completely out of touch with this.

The Organic Life is so much more than making a choice about what to shop for ...

It is a choice to come alive once again to this awareness.

Then when you know the Food you are eating is not only just delicious but has also been raised eschewing violence as far as is possible to other beings, with Love & Consideration to all forms of life, something Magical begins to happens... To soul, Heart, Mind & Body.

This is what sustains our efforts at Lumiere : That little bit of Magic!

‘Nature & Lumiere - Nature’s Partner Uniting Hearts ever ...’


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