Stay safe with us this Summer

by Lumiere, May-23rd , 2018

Come Summer, the scene changes.

With climate shifts getting erratic, unpredictable and swinging suddenly between extremes greater measures for self care is called for. Especially in matters of food and drink.

Our foods, true to our commitment to the Organic Life, contain no artificial preservatives of any kind. They are not designed to sit chemically mummified on shelves for what seems like forever after all like a lot of mainstream stuff do. They are designed to dance along through the bloodstream spreading cheer, joy & genuine well being as soon as possible!

In summer that ASAP is a wee bit underlined, that's all and so it is good to read all the labels once again. Yes we do try to ensure that our instructions for usage & storage are clearly spelt out for your care. Some general summer tips where Food and health is concerned : Please consume liquids liberally. Carry lots of water .Our recent offering of Copper bottles may be of interest to you on this count It's also a good idea to store water in good quality earthen pots at home as it does way better things to your body than cold refrigerated water does .Even though sadly this year we haven't yet made the arrangements to procure high quality Mud Koojas, do refer to an older blog that correctly sums up the merits By all means have fresh diluted buttermilk and fresh juices aplenty with our fresh fruit concentrates as a close second when you don't have the time to hit the blender. Make sure that once opened ,our fruit concentrates find a place in your fridge after lidding them securely. Same with our jams, spreads, pickles. Of course the need to always use clean dry spoons for everything stands as always.

Checking the state of your condiments before you toss them into your cooking pot is always a good idea in summer .Don't use anything that has become lumpy and caked up . Buy smaller quantities of fruits & veggies so that your intake is always fresh and not sapped of nutrients and flavor by the heat. Rotting fruit, like bananas for instance that blacken and soften in no time in the heat ,can also attract pesky insects not exactly conducive to your well being . Make sure Milk is boiled well for a few minutes before switching off heat source .Always let cool to room temperature before refrigeration . In fact do make sure all food is treated this way and are stored as far as possible after cooling to room temperature in air tight continuers for refrigeration.

Why so? Sources say that if food is refrigerated really hot there is a risk of salmonella bacteria spoiling the food in the fridge. It also could affect other perishable foods like eggs, vegetables and meat increasing the chances contaminating them as well. At the same time it is good to keep in mind that food should not be kept out for longer than two hours after cooking as bacteria starts to multiply after this duration of time. ...Which is why it is best to cook little but cook fresh & consume fresh, especially in summer.

But we have no illusions about how ideal life is in a work driven metro like Bangalore for so many young nuclear families valiantly balancing so many ,many things on their own to just keep the show running! So please take necessary steps within your comfort zone to stay safe this summer .

As a useful aside ,a culinary hand me down from experienced old Mothers who have handled large busy joint family household hearths : South Indian dishes like Sambar & Rasam in their lentil free, coconut free versions as also Buttermilk based dishes have this age old track record of withstanding summer heat better, reason being that tamarind and butter milk both have naturally preserving and cooling properties .

Do try our Sambar & Rasam powders as we cook these dishes very often in our Hearth for our daily staff lunch -Reason being these are the easiest to make in their lentil & coconut free versions with a surfeit of chopped up fresh organic veggies to consume with piping hot, bran-rich organic rice for a lip smackingly, awesomely delicious balanced meal!

Stay Organic with us @ Lumiere Stay safe this Summer!


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