The Flow Of Life …

by Lumiere, May-23rd , 2018


“ ... The River is flowing; Flowing & Growing ;The River is flowing; back  to the sea ... Mother Earth, carry me; Your child I will always be, Mother Earth carry me; back  to the Sea ...”

An ancient Indian song with a hypnotic tune and words that ring so true that they have a trance like quality. It makes for an easy-to-learn calming chant anyone can sing anywhere.

The River that flows back to the Sea is a Metaphor of the Movement  of Life to the mystery of its cessation in Death.

The Metaphor of Earth as Mother is also just as universal.

She who carries us as inert seed and then quickens us into manifest Life by a mysterious process of sprouting / birthing .

She is also the one who receives us finally when we die,  and become mortal remains that goes back to Her, the repository of all elements, left behind by that Mystery that we cannot see but can only sense with reverence.

We are just sharing things here that in an inexplicable way affirms our spirit and grants us the strength to continue our earnest engagement with the Life Organic at its authentic best .

For listening in with your loved ones sitting beside you ...

“Nature & Lumiere-Nature’s Partner

Uniting Hearts ever ...”


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