The Life Organic -The Truth Beautiful

by Lumiere, Jun-4th , 2018

Organic Agriculture practises or Permaculture, to use a single word, is not just a path strewn with challenges but also one of an inexplicable joy that can only be termed Aanandam or Bliss.

In this little song by Rabindranath Tagore, as also perhaps in the way it is feelingly sung(for there are many versions in the net ), I was suddenly caught still in my tracks. It was the way it transported me to the same feeling that I have been blessed with in fleeting moments while going to oversee work on our farms ...While crossing the boundaries of fields, driving often alone, over paths through forests & glades when I have to cross borders to source produce from other farmers whose hearts & intentions beat in perfect resonance with mine. On such occasions, we always have fine homegrown food to share and often, even lovelier stories to tell one another ...

In all those moments, that ineffably beautiful Truth which, though hidden from view makes possible the wondrous phenomena of Nature, glows forth briefly.

The everyday fact of Food is such a miracle that emanates, yes, from this very World of Bliss, this World of Auspiciousness wherein dwells the Truth Ineffably Beautiful !

Even if it sounds a bit grandiose, welcome to the secret World of us at Lumiere!


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