Bare your Sole/Soul to Earth and be recharged

by Lumiere, Mar-27th , 2018

“ ... I'd rather be a forest than a street Yes I would, if I could, I surely would I'd rather feel the earth beneath my feet Yes I would, if I only could, I surely would ... ” -From La Condor Pasa (Simon & Garfunkel)

We live in a world swarming with electricity. Our hearts are electric. Our brains are electric. This entire body is beautifully ,complexly electric. So in a way it makes perfect sense that we need to be grounded in Mother Earth and that contact point is just the bare soles of our feet. It’s amazing what they can accomplish for our well-being...

(Hmmm ...Not surprising that soul & sole are homonyms,are they?)

Not too long ago in human history, everyone’s feet were planted firmly on the ground. Either bare or in natural materials. There were no other options. But then we went all modern in the 20th century with plastics, synthetics and high-rise buildings.Not enough open parks for our kids to play in, nor trees to climb, nor fields nor woods in which to walk wild... So we also got disconnected.

Result? Our immune systems, circulatory systems and the syncing of our biorhythms with our physiological processes suffered.

Look at these blissful kids here in the images wallowing merrily away in the mud. These are images from the heartwarming & meaningful workshop for kids by Red Soil Nature Play in which Lumiere also partnered. (Facebook: Red Soil Nature Play)

We actually wished by the end of the day that this was not just a workshop but our daily life... Touching Earth is important. Here is why :

Think of yourself as a walking talking battery-powered device. You need to plug into the earth to keep all your systems charged and running at optimum levels, particularly your adrenal glands, how they are managed by your brain signals as also burned out by stress. Even in daily life parlance we often refer to this process, usually in an emotional context as ‘grounding’. In scientific parlance it is the simplest way to get rid of the predatory free radicals released into our system as part of metabolic processes and reactions to situations of stress making grounding one of the most primal & potent antioxidants we know of.

Just like electrical connections in our homes need to be grounded, so do we.It is as simple as that.

Otherwise we go all haywire and the results can be bad : chronic pain, sleep issues, endocrine imbalances, depression, anxiety , possibly even mood swings and weight problems. Even the aging process itself. Which is why we look so grey and generally bleh after a bad hair day . Several in a row and it takes longer and longer to clear up .

The simple solution? Toss aside your footwear and go barefoot ...But not on concrete or asphalt or any such synthetic material on grass, soil, sand, mud, pebbles, rocks whatever is natural and of Mother Earth.

You can also accomplish the task by swimming in salt water.

Recharged? Good.

So treat this Earth as Alive.... Talk to her. Thank her often.

We always do at Lumiere.

No wonder Earth has always been hailed as Mother. Because she takes care of us so unconditionally.

What we need to do, not even for Her but our own selves, is to give back in the best way that we can. It is humbling to remember that no matter what, we can never give back ever as much as she gives us.

But for our own sakes, it is best we try.

That is what makes work our worship for us at Lumiere.

24x7x 365



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