Charles eisenstein

by Lumiere, Mar-10th , 2018

As an organic store, we too are a part , an outgrowth of the trend that Charles Eisenstein author of 'Sacred Economics' has pointed out here in this quote that we have shared here.

In fact we, at Lumiere, understand this all too well and we feel it pretty intensely too on a daily basis .

We have no illusions about the fact that ultimately we too are in the 'business' of selling Food.

Our saving grace however, is only our utter earnestness of effort & the unalloyed purity of our intention, which is to keep safe a little oases in this urban chaos .

A little patch of Home and it's Hearth of Motherly care in the most basic aspect of Life, which is Food-That is what we try to keep going as best as we can .

Our prayer to the Great Intelligence that governs the Universe is to one, bless us always so that our purity of intent is unblemished by any temptation to resort to shortcuts.

And two, that the effort to perfectly match precept & practice yields the best possible fruit to place upon your tables!

Thank you, as always!



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