I Love You (Via Mother Earth)

by Lumiere, May-1st , 2018

When we are standing on the Earth , we are really standing on the rooftop of another world.

The Soil Biota is another realm  we actually know so little of (Biota: the animal and plant life of a particular region, habitat, or geological period.; Origin: early 20th century: modern Latin, from Greek biot? ‘life’.)

Indeed, the number of living organisms below ground is considered to be far greater than that above ground. Beneath our feet ,under the soil thrive Plant roots, Viruses, Bacteria, Fungi, Algae, Protozoa, Mites, Nematodes, worms, ants, maggots and other insects ,insect larvae (grubs), and even larger animals. But right now in this blog let us stay with the microorganisms, their invaluable role in Soil health ,how soil health directly impacts what we eat and thereby our own health.

Did you know that  in a teaspoon of healthy soil, there may be six or seven billion microorganisms?

We’re only beginning to learn about some of these microorganisms and what kind of fabulous service they render to the  sustenance of life . Scientists themselves have begin to admit that we can claim to understand only about one percent of them.

The  Life Organic however ,is all about acknowledging  that Life is the result of this mind boggling complexity of  linkages between its many miraculous micro systems.

When we are unable to experience and  appreciate the soil as an intelligent self regulating living system  we mistake it for this lifeless static thing and this miracle is lost to us  .Without this capacity for awe and appreciation ,we too will be left with drily analyzing soil's chemical makeup to see what we must  artificially 'add' in terms of a list of chemical additives like chemical fertilizers, herbicides, etc to 'extract' greater productivity from it!

The Life Organic is not about extraction & exploitation.

It is about regenerating, rejuvenating and respecting Life.

It is about Live & let Live.

Therefore it  is about Love.

That is why  as part of our multi-pronged practice of the Organic Life tenets, we don't use any chemical fertilizer in our fields like we don't use chemical pesticides.

The use of chemical fertilizers in farming entered our country in a big way during the Green Revolution in the two decades post the Independence. Its damaging and often lethal  fallouts have now become common knowledge .The mixture of toxic chemicals that constitute these fertilizers are absorbed into the plants, leading toxins to enter the food chain via vegetables , cereals and water creating terrible health affects that  increase and spread rapidly along the chain .

We refrain from giving you a grim fact file here


Not only because all such blood curdling information's freely available today on the net But also because we don't believe in moping and killing hope

We would much rather be actually earnestly doing something about it ,no matter how small the scale may be of our efforts as against the scale that is actually called for .  

So in a very compact  nutshell ,these are our soil enlivening practises :

We compost all biodegradable s with gusto in pits for the  purpose in our farms and use it liberally to enrich the soil in our veggie beds Mulching is an everyday practice that keeps the soil soft , airy ,porous with greater water retentive and carbon fixing capacity .

Because the presence of Animals and their relation with their land habitats has always only enlivened both, we also rear a few country breed cows. Their highly potent ,nutrient and microbe rich dung & urine are part of the ingredient list that go to make our 'Jeevamrutham' formulation as also' Panchgavya'.

Our practices of inter-cropping ,using companion plants for pest control etc only ensures enrichment of the soil by way of promoting  biodiversity at all levels.

Because the math is simple-More Life is equal to greater well being of soil.

The important thing to recognize is this that your Food really can only be as healthy , as delicious ,as wholesome as the soil in which it is grown.

For us at Lumiere, Love is work  with the earth, sleeves rolled up, hoe in hands, ankle deep in mud.

All those  divinely delicious and totally safe  produce waiting for you on our shelves?

That is our way of saying - I Love You (Via Mother Earth)


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