Idly-yaayai Namaha!\" (Salutations to you ,O Idly!)

by Lumiere, Mar-30th , 2018

"Hey dad! any idea what day it is today ?Three guesses! "My chatty daughter's cheery morning call replete with the thrill of some new discovery as always!

"The day before March 31st ,financial year ending ,why?" I replied with a highly dramatized (but actually sincerely  felt groan) "
...And ah! I this time It's also befittingly Good Friday for I truly feel like it is me out there nailed on the Cross!"
I glanced at that bright cheery intelligent face as I hurriedly loaded my breakfast plate with a few idlis.
 " If that is what you have been getting at ,dear girl, please don't rub more salt in your poor dad's wounds! Third guess? Pass!"
"March 30th is declared WORLD IDLY DAY! "She said with a gale of laughter.

I look at the placid  peaceful looking airy orb of steamed fermented solidified batter still emitting a little wisp of steam on my plate .

 My gaze turns awestruck  tinged by a shade of disbelief that  one would cast upon some taken-for- granted family member who you suddenly discover has been knighted by the queen or some such  thing one fine morning. With mixed  feelings of awe , mild chagrin and a tinge of remorse I mutter
 "You' ve come a long way ,Dear Idly! Little would I have imagined that one day I'd wake to find myself facing an International Day in your name ! Accept my salutations "
The mandatory Google search followed with my left hand drawing hurried squiggles on the phone screen to get to the bottom of this mystery as I kept popping idly after fluffy idli dunked in sambaar into my mouth with the other ...And these are the awesome nuggets  I discovered :

Very different from the modern idli , the "iddalige" finds mention in the 920 CE literary work Vaddaradhane, in the Kannada language. Very similar to the modern day idli, iddalige was prepared using only black gram.
Western Chalukya king and scholar ,Someshwara III in his work, 'Manasollasa'(Delight  of the Mind) mentions a food item named 'iddarika'. But the very first mention of a idli made using rice was seen only after 1250 CE.

A Gujarati literary work 'Varanaka Samuchaya' dated 1520 CE mentions idli as idari.
The earliest extant Tamil work to mention idli (as itali) is Maccapuranam, dated to the 17th century.
There is even a speculation that the modern idli recipe might have originated in present-day Indonesia which has a long tradition of fermented food, by cooks employed by the Hindu  Kings. and  the recipe was brought  back to India during 800-1200 CE.

Did you know that 80% of our immune system resides in the walls of the intestines?
Well, I certainly didn't!
Gut feel means much more than what we thought till a while ago .
"Gut wrenching situation "
"I have this gut feel I'm going with"  
"Brrr ! I have Butterfies in my stomach!" ...All these common expressions in daily life are signs of the intuitive understanding that the Gut &S tomach are actually our second brains .This ancient knowledge ,which is part of our ancient culinary tradition, is being solidly corroborated by science today.
Good bacteria also make it easier for our bodies to maintain Ph Balance and  get rid of toxins from food & the environment. That is why including fermented food in daily meals , especially breakfast ,the first critical meal after that long period of rest & fasting that is the restorative period of sleep at night is so very important.
The decision to include traditional food like idlis/dosas/appam made of fermented batter  ,Dhokla ,conventional  home-set or organic yoghurt etc in your first meal of the day is a double whammy as you are actually building a resistant immune system that will help you fight disease and enhance our sense of well being all day long.
Super wow!
"You made my day as always  ,Girl!" I place a thank you peck on my smiling daughter's head as I make a beeline for the car.
That bit of morning research really got me charged!
That is why it is so important to become aware of the story around the stuff we take in and the consequences of the little daily decisions we take often so unthinkingly .
What can  be more important than well being ?
So choose to author your well being making the wisest choices .
And yes.
Thank you again for choosing Lumiere !


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