Lumiere Masala Cookies - The 18 spice steps to Gastronomic Bliss

by Lumiere, Apr-3rd , 2018

Pulling on a mandatory hair-cap I was walking into one of my favorite places, the Lumiere Hearth at Whitefield, Bangalore - that warm cheerful friendly hub of activity buzzing with palpable positive energy.

Chef Manu and I greet each other warmly.

He is just finishing packing a fresh lot of something that are shaped like longish cuboids, dark and unevenly colored. It is a cookie alright but way different from others even to the eye.

Quite an understatement actually. I realized only when I bit into one.

Different to the Eye? OMG! Then what about the tongue!

Masala Cookies!

My eyes closed on their own as I stood there immobile-flavor upon hidden flavor beginning to explode in my mouth satisfying every possible craving of the palate:

The heat of chilly powder, the controlled explosion of pepper, the faint hidden scent of coarsely crushed cardamom, the dark nuttiness of black sesame, the mixed slightly puzzling aromas of dried ginger and fresh ginger played against one another, the lilting heat of ground green chilies, the everyday olfactory comfort of curry leaves and onion of a south Indian home kitchen tempered with the mild fragrance of fresh ghee…

I opened my eyes after the overwhelming round trip of flavors and tastes to find Manu smiling gleefully at me.

“The base is whole wheat flour rubbed in with fresh unsalted butter for that moist finish  and seasoned with both salt and a slightly larger quanta of unrefined sugar because basically this is sweet-spicy cookie recipe.” says Manu.

Head of Production, Sandhya, who has entered meanwhile holds up a handsome glass bottle elegantly labeled Lumiere Garam masala.

“In case he forgot to tell you that our very own Garam Masala made with organically sourced Cinnamon, Mace, Fennel, Cardamom, Pepper and Cloves is also a major ingredient strengthening the body of flavor in these awesome Cookies.”

“True”, affirms Manu , “the number of contents of our special Garam Masala plus all those you could taste in that bite come to a whopping ingredient list of eighteen ingredients actually, the largest so far for any cookie we produce here at the Lumiere Hearth!”

Quite a number indeed! Quite significant on every count.

18 ingredients. 18 steps to gastronomic bliss.

Want some?



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