by Lumiere, Apr-8th , 2018

The meal is named after what it essentially does -breaking the fast that lasts through the entire night of sleep when the body rests and repairs itself beautifully.

On awakening the body is geared to absorb the nutrients of this first crucial meal aptly called Breakfast. So it is really important to make healthy and wise choices of food.

Foods high in fiber ,rich in calcium ,vitamin D & protein levels as also yogurt ensures health, a heightened sense of well-being, greater endurance ,better concentration and a good mood to face the day thanks to optimized brain function!

That’s where a high power food like Muesli comes into play.

In 1900, Swiss physician Dr.Maximilian Bircher-Benner happen to take a hike through the Swiss Alps with his wife when he was served a strange dish for brunch based on raw rolled oats and other ingredients like grains, fresh or dried fruits, seeds and nuts, that had the following serving options -mixed with cow's milk, soy milk, almond milk, other plant milks, yogurt or fruit juice. It was called Muesli ,(/?mju?zli/ or /?mu?zli/; Swiss German: Müesli [?my?sli)and the word merely means "puree" or "mash-up."

That happened to be exactly what the good physician was looking for to give to some patients in his convalescent hospital as essential part of a wellness therapy. Through his good offices & promotion, by the 1960’s ,as part of increased interest in health food & vegetarian diets world over, Muesli in its modern form became popular in Western countries .

Though the original muesli was soaked overnight with water & lemon juice, and then eaten with fresh yoghurt, sometimes even fresh cottage cheese ,honey ,grated apples ,condensed milk or cream etc ,today convenient packaged forms have became available.Many today have their Muesli just dry or with milk and sometimes some cut fruits as well.

That many brands are available in the market today did not stop our feisty new Production in charge , Sandhya, from charging ahead through experimentation after experimentation to develop Lumiere’s version of the Muesli at its crunchy yummy best with 100% genuine organic ingredients-Oats ,Honey, Raisins(both Black & brown, most of it home grown and sundried by us directly here! ), Cashew nuts, Almond and another innovative addition (now hold your breath! )-Roasted FLAX SEEDS!

Flax seeds are considered a topnotch nutritive addition to food with its unique combination of features -omega-3 fatty acids, high-lignan content, and mucilage gums. But by itself ,its slightly odd flavor makes its addition into regular foods a challenging culinary task.

Which is why, while Flax seed supplementation in the West is mainly through a smattering in baked produce like breads & biscuits, Sandhya’s brainwave to successfully add Flax seeds roasted to delicious perfection into a morning breakfast power food is a breakthrough we are really very proud of.

So what are you waiting for?

Make a beeline for the best Brekker options at your favorite Organic Home Store and make everyday a great day!




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