Tears are not Sweet

by Lumiere, Apr-17th , 2018

Look at that !

Crates and cartons of stuff that we doted on and liberally gifted our loved ones with going pell-mell trashed into a landfill!

We have this custom of always carrying a gift of snacks ,especially sweets to a house where there are small children as also elders .The traditional full combo is a package of  fruits ,a sweet and a savory and of course ,some wearable flower garlands for the lady of the house.

While visiting infants ,the traditional practice is to carry sugar and offer a pinch of its sweetness in welcome into their small tender rosebud mouths...More often than not in a house where there are children, nowadays we just conveniently  buy a readymade chocolate .

How many times must we have bought some swank bar or package or packet of something that later comes under the scanner and is deemed harmful or even downright dangerous?

Hasn't that  happened one too many times already? It hurts to think now, doesn't  it?

... Which is why we say -Stay Local, Buy Handmade ,Buy Fresh from people you can trust with your heart open and your eyes closed .

If you add one more selection criteria to your choice of edible indulgences & gifts for loved ones ,don't think twice -Buy Organic .

Get the Real Thing made from the Right ingredients  with the Right attitude.

We are heir to a great spiritual legacy in this country that counts Intention ,though apparently immaterial ,as a real ingredient in everything ,including  the preparation of food .

Minimise Tears at every stage of raising and prepping Food. Try spreading happiness and cooperation instead with all living beings ,all the elements -This is what  we understand one of the basic tenets of the Life Organic to be.

Of course, we can't declare our foods to be 100% tears -free  without lying through our teeth .

For all said done at least something very small may have been  inadvertently harmed ,right from the process of farming to processing, packaging and consuming ...

Inadvertently -That is the key word signaling an effort to the cultivation of Right Awareness ,Mindfulness & Attentive Care to all beings as to oneself.

That's what we try keep trying at Lumiere .Your trust has always only strengthened our resolve to better ourselves every time.

So next time you visit the elderly ,the children ,the little infants who are fresh visitors to this world, Try us !

Thank you !




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