Poisoned Flowers / Poisoned Fruits

by Lumiere, Jun-28th , 2018

A friend recently took the painful decision to sell off his 50 acre Coconut Grove in Udumalpet where Pomogranate are intercropped. Having visited him so often at one time, while driving through the area recently, for sentimental reasons I just decided to drop into the property before the paper for its disposal came through. It wasn\'t an easy decision for him to make.

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BODY TREE - A Soap Story

by Lumiere, Jun-15th , 2018

“Gentle on Body, Gentle on Earth” So goes the best summing up of the BODY TREE line of soaps by their creator, Dr. Ranjini Krishnan. No. The ‘Doctor’ prefix does not stand for a Medical Practitioner status but a Ph.D. “Glad to know you completed ! What was your thesis title, Ranjini? “ Pat comes the reply “The Erotic Economy of the Intimate” “Whaaat?!” I fall off my chair.

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Thinking Cookware

by Lumiere, Jun-13th , 2018

The Vaarpu or rather its little cousin, the Uruli, is one of my favorite traditional cooking utensils from home state Kerala. It is made of brass or bell metal and is essentially a heavy bottomed, often conveniently two handled, circular, wide-mouthed vessel with a nicely polished surface. It is the best vessel for slow cooking on wood fires and is capable of retaining the natural colour and flavour of ingredients.

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A Great /Grate Carrot Cake

by Lumiere, Jun-11th , 2018

Chef Manu’s puffs up a tad when complimented on his carrot cake . Well, he has every reason to. Because the Lumiere Carrot cake is like nothing I’ve ever eaten before that passes off as Carrot cake in any Bakery outside.

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Every animal knows more than you do. – Niimíipuu Tribe (Nez Perce)

by Lumiere, Jun-6th , 2018

The Nez Perce tribe or in their own language, the Niimíipuu, meaning \"the walking people\" or \"we, the people\") are an Indigenous people who have lived on the Columbia River Plateau in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States for at least 11,500 years.

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