by Lumiere, May-23rd , 2018

While scanning the net for something else I saw this image of rain hitting a puddle of water creating those lovely live expanding concentric circles . And then suddenly it hit me...A compelling olfactory memory that had me go weak in my knees momentarily .That smell of parched Earth soaking in the first rain … Composed of Plant oils,Bacterial spores,Ozone ,I believe the word for it is Petrichor [Ancient Greek: petra (stone) and ichor (the blood of gods in ancient myth)]

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The Flow Of Life …

by Lumiere, May-23rd , 2018


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A Requiem for Earth

by Lumiere, May-21st , 2018

The visuals in this video of a rustic tamizh song sung in a soulful female voice, called out to our repository of memory working with Earth on our farms. We definitely caught the unmistakable smell of sweat & the sharp salt of suppressed tears .We felt at the same time the inspiring steel of sheer human resilience in the life of migrants often shattered farmers who come to labor in the cities.

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I Love You (Via Mother Earth)

by Lumiere, May-1st , 2018

When we are standing on the Earth , we are really standing on the rooftop of another world.

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Home is where the Heart(h) is !

by Lumiere, Apr-29th , 2018

Pottering around the Lumiere Hearth ,feeling very much at home ,I pick up in bits the details of the painstaking care with which my friends at Lumiere source/grow/process the finest & best for the stores from their often simple unassuming mutual work conversations .

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