Man’s Pest Friends …

by Lumiere, Apr-27th , 2018

Yellow has this power to attract insects. Which is why the large sticky fly papers used by large industrial farms are always this nice bright highly visible yellow.

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The Custodian Of Dy(e)ing -2

by Lumiere, Apr-23rd , 2018

‘Specimen 6 ‘,a later work shared here ,however looked like a family portrait composed of various indispensable members of any rural agricultural operation in Kerala .One especially struck me hard ... the Brass Pesticide sprayer .You can see it in the picture.

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And here is to all of Lumiere’s ‘Nature Girls & Boys: A Song !

by Lumiere, Apr-20th , 2018

In the mindful practise that is Organic farming and managing an Organic Home Store Chain like Lumiere ,that is what it is all about finally.

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Tears are not Sweet

by Lumiere, Apr-17th , 2018

Stay Local, Buy Handmade ,Buy Fresh from people you can trust with your heart open &your eyes closed .

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Vishu ,Kerala’s Harvest Festival

by Lumiere, Apr-15th , 2018

We wish you & your Loved ones a Very HAPPY VISHU !

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