by Lumiere, Apr-8th , 2018

The meal is named after what it essentially does -breaking the fast that lasts through the entire night of sleep when the body rests and repairs itself beautifully.

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Oh! these Blooming Potatoes!

by Manjunath Panickaparambil, Apr-4th , 2018

My breath has only just about gotten to normal after the sudden hailstorm scare that ,thank god ! did not leave any much damage upon our Leaf &Fruit farm at Kottur when our Farm in charge Baiju called me and gave me one of his famous monosyllabic commands to drive over to Thali farm

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Lumiere Masala Cookies - The 18 spice steps to Gastronomic Bliss

by Lumiere, Apr-3rd , 2018

Different to the Eye? OMG! Then what about the tongue! Masala Cookies!

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Idly-yaayai Namaha!\" (Salutations to you ,O Idly!)

by Lumiere, Mar-30th , 2018

\"Hey dad! any idea what day it is today ?Three guesses!\" My chatty daughter\'s cheery morning call replete with the thrill of some new discovery as always! \"The day before March 31st ,financial year ending ,why?\" I replied with a highly dramatized (but actually sincerely  felt groan)\"

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The ‘Batter’ Breakfast (WORLD IDLI DAY: March 30th)

by Radha Gomati, Mar-30th , 2018

“Bettybotterboughtsomebutter/butshesaidthebutter’sbitter/ifiputitintomybatteritwillmakemybatterbitter/sobettybotterboughtabitofbetterbutterandmadeherbatterbetter…” That was my daughter providing a background score half under her breath that she had learnt in primary school hoping to distract her mother ,who was in one of her famous OCD(Obsessive -Compulsive Disorder) oblivious of everyone and everything.

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