Bare your Sole/Soul to Earth and be recharged

by Lumiere, Mar-27th , 2018

We live in a world swarming with electricity. Our hearts are electric. Our brains are electric. This entire body is beautifully ,complexly electric. So in a way it makes perfect sense that we need to be grounded in Mother Earth and that contact point is just the bare soles of our feet. It’s amazing what they can accomplish for our well-being ...

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Charles eisenstein

by Lumiere, Mar-10th , 2018

As an organic store, we too are a part , an outgrowth of the trend that Charles Eisenstein author of \'Sacred Economics\' has pointed out here in this quote that we have shared here.

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Grounding the Children of Limbo land

by Lumiere, Mar-18th , 2018

It is fine to have fun with Earth .For Earth has this way of grounding excess energies, of healing that which is out of sync and setting systems right effortlessly! There is a child hiding inside everyone one of us ,no matter how ‘old’ in years we may be calling out in playful exuberance. The Organic way of Life is also about heeding this call to joyful wholesomeness .

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The Copper cop is back!

by Lumiere, Mar-24th , 2018

The Copper cop is back, Not as the traditional lota but a sleek smart water bottle in a range of about 15 models in varying shapes and sizes.

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Energy Bars but Rolled into Balls

by Lumiere, Mar-27th , 2018

Lumiere’s coco-peanut balls are nice mealy textured soft balls dotted with crushed nuts and supported by the slightly juicy squishiness of natural fresh finely grated coconut. The subtle flavours of powdered cardamom,cumin and the slight zing of dried and powdered ginger also came across as olfactory hints gently astonishing the tongue.

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