The Life Organic -The Truth Beautiful

by Lumiere, Jun-4th , 2018

Organic Agriculture practises or Permaculture, to use a single word, is not just a path strewn with challenges but also one of an inexplicable joy that can only be termed Aanandam or Bliss.

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by Lumiere, Jun-1st , 2018

\"We had the time to climb trees and yes, there were trees to climb, fall from, skin our knees upon as we plucked the best of the season\'s wild fruits often from the highest canopies. Trees with convenient forks to sit and think in, some with obliging branches to practice gymnastics upon, Others with extra springy tensile boughs to turn into a tempest-tossed ship attacked by pirates...

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The Art of Living

by Lumiere, May-30th , 2018

“ We only invented the word organic because we made things inorganic. We only invented the word natural because we made things unnatural. We only invented the word permaculture because we made agriculture.” ? Khang Kijarro Nguyen Meaning of ORGANIC: relating to or derived from living matter. \"organic soils\" synonyms: living, live, animate, biological, natural; Technical biotic \"organic matter\"

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Ferment after World Idly Day

by Lumiere, May-28th , 2018

Alright. Great. The ubiquitous South Indian breakfast entity, the Idly has become an International Food celebrity with a Day now declared in its honor. March 30th was World Idly day, if you remember our posts celebrating the true story of the perfection of the recipe for Lumiere\'s Idly batter followed by the factual retake of this humble food following the declaration of the World Idly Day

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Stay safe with us this Summer

by Lumiere, May-23rd , 2018

Come summer , that too an extreme one like now, greater measures for self care is called for. Especially in matters of food & drink. Please consume liquids liberally esp fresh fruit juices & buttermilk .Carry lots of water. Make sure that once opened ,our fruit concentrates,jams,spreads ,pickles etc find a place in your fridge after lidding them securely. Checking your condiments before you toss them into your cooking pot .Don\'t use anything that has become lumpy & caked up . Buy smaller q

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