Our vision is to show the world that a sustainable “Seed-to-table Organic” business model is not just desirable but also eminently possible. Our aim is to inspire more people, especially youngsters, to pursue the same  to ensure: One, that all get to eat healthy, wholesome, toxin free, ethically raised food as food is not just about nourishing the body but the mind & spirit as well; Two, that farmers regain the dignity, prosperity & respect they justly deserve; Three, that the world  becomes a safer, happier & healthier place to raise our children in.

We have achieved this by the simple decision to roll up our sleeves and actually work with our hands in every sphere blurring all typical notions organizational hierarchy and roles. We have worked on our farms rearing free range chickens, hoeing, composting, manuring, sowing, irrigating, weeding, applying natural pesticides only when and where strictly necessary, harvesting…all the time mindful of the fact that we as human beings alone have no monopoly over the earth’s bounty and that all living beings have their fair and allotted share.

We have been directly processing our produce creating a range of lip-smackingly delicious pickles & concentrates innovatively and imaginatively keeping safe the wisdom of the foremothers of yore. Like them we have mastered the art of conserving & preserving without an iota of wastage of either material or of food’s inherent nourishing goodness.

We have also consistently demonstrated how tasty and healthy baked foods like bread loaves, Cakes & Cookies can be without using any of the usual refined ingredients like Refined Flour, Sugar, Margarine, Flavoring agents & Hydrogenated oils that are widely used in standard bakeries.

We have nurtured no illusions of making just ourselves and our organization alone a market success because we have realized that no one prospers alone. That true prosperity and growth is possible only in acknowledging, honoring and encouraging systems of interdependences based on mutual value, respect and trust is something Mother Nature has indubitably taught us.

In this chain of mutually strengthening links, our entrepreneur co producers are of supreme importance. For their labor of love inspires and affirms us while occupying their place of honor on our shelves that are dedicated to offering nothing but the truly authentically Organic best  to our cherished clients without whom this dream has no meaning.

We hope that many more such ventures will come up like our own in towns across our country eventually leading towards a new, different and uplifting notion of  wholesome, self sufficient, healthy, happy communities where all, not just humans, but literally ALL living beings coexist completing one another harmoniously.

Our daily mantra says it all in a nutshell:


“May every consumer become an enlightened being imbued with the power of true discrimination! 

May we wholeheartedly accept that every living being has a rightful share to the earth's produce & that as a species we are entitled only to just that much that meets our essential existential need ; No more or no less!

May we have knowledge of the source of the things we buy to meet our needs and be aware of the hearts and hands that reached our food from seed to table!


May we have the understanding that makes us spontaneously bow in reverence to every seed that sprouts generously offering us the bounty of pure & wholesome food!”


[Lumiere was founded by Manjunath Panackaparambil in Kochi, Kerala in 2002 before moving to Bangalore in 2009 where it continues to grow today as one of the most authentic regular Organic Home Stores supplying all basic essentials for a small household. Efficient & convenient home delivery services based on online orders or direct calls are available.]

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