What is organic?


Organic foods are produced according to certain production standards, meaning they are grown without the use of conventional chemical pesticides and artificial fertilizers. Organic foods, by definition are also processed without ionizing radiation or food additives.

Organic agriculture doesn't pollute our environment, does not hurt the farmer, and makes our eco-system more sustainable too! It supports the bio-diversity and health of all flora and fauna!

Organic foods are not contaminated with toxins and are seen to have higher levels of nutrients, according to multiple researches.

In olden days, farming was organic. People used seeds that nature had perfected and adopted natural practices that they found effective. Then came agricultural research, genetically modified (GM) seeds and the use of chemical inputs like fertilizers and pesticides that was supposed to increase agricultural productivity. These new practices had serious adverse side-effects including:

  • Depleting the natural nutrients in soil, leaving it unfit for cultivation
  • Contaminating the produce with pesticide residues which can affect our health
  • Contaminating the air, water and soil. We are forced to buy drinking water due to these contaminations
  • GM seeds were often “killer” seeds that do not allow the farmer to save part of the crop as seed (instead the farmer has to go to the seed company to purchase seeds for the next crop)

In addition to affecting human health, the new practices also made farming an unaffordable activity for ordinary farmers who now had to purchase fertilizers, pesticides and seeds for the next crop.

It is in the above context that one can appreciate the significance of organic/natural farming. Modern organic farming has developed practices to achieve good productivity by using organic alternatives for chemical fertilizers and pesticides. And organic farming shuns GM seeds. The result is wholesome produce free of pesticide contamination, and protection of environment for our children and prosperity for farmers.

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