BODY TREE - A Soap Story

by Lumiere, Jun-15th , 2018

“Gentle on Body, Gentle on Earth”

So goes the best summing up of the BODY TREE line of soaps by their creator, Dr. Ranjini Krishnan. No. The ‘Doctor’ prefix does not stand for a Medical Practitioner status but a Ph.D. “Glad to know you completed ! What was your thesis title, Ranjini? “ Pat comes the reply “The Erotic Economy of the Intimate”

“Whaaat?!” I fall off my chair.

“I know ! I know!” says Ranjini placatingly and both of hooted with laughter. “Well” continued Ranjini, “...soaping was a serious stress buster for me while I was working on my Ph.D all alone. I came back from Bangalore in 2010 and I was kind of lost for a couple of years. It was tough writing my thesis without peer group or even a good library. In midst of this struggle in 2013 my little boy was born.”

“So actually, what made you get into this entire business of making soaps ?” “Well I never thought I’d end up making soaps but I guess it kind of stemmed from this compulsive habit of mine to read all the fine, almost deliberately unreadable fonts in all wraps & labels of consumer goods we buy in our house. When my baby was born my label reading mania peaked. Scanning and googling all the labels on all the store bought soaps gave me a strong creepy feeling. I realised I was looking at a concoction of hazardous chemicals - synthetic detergents or some kind of lather boosters, surfactants and stabilizers, all carcinogenic in nature.

Though I hurried back in horror to the traditional baby bathing regimen of virgin coconut oil, fresh butter and green gram powder, exactly at that time I came across a recipe of handmade soap in an online parenting group I was part of.

I was instantly struck!

I made my first batch of cold process soap in 2013 November and I was hooked! I was struck by the sheer beauty of oils, caustic soda and water reacting to each other and turning into a creamy bar of soap with a subtle scent. Once you see this magic, you can't stop soaping! I made many batches after my hesitant first batch in 2013.

Made many mistakes.

Created my own recipes.

Tested the combination of many herbs.

Run the recipes on soap calculators for accuracy.

Made some more mistakes... And inched towards creating soaps that use all natural ingredients and would leave skin healthy and hydrated.

Though I started it for my baby, I eventually ended up making soaps for friends, family, extended family and their friends… the list goes on.

In the process I have realized that natural soap is good for both mature skin and baby skin. By 2014, I was completely into soap making it helped me float through the solitary process of completing my thesis and raising my little infant. By the end of the Ph.D period there were soaps everywhere - under the cot, inside the wardrobe… everywhere! And one of my son’s first words was BODEETEE!”

And Here I am with Body Tree Soaps!

“ The ingredient label is not something Body Tree Soaps try to hide with illegible type setting, you see!It is something I display with great pleasure. These soaps are simple and safe. They are handcrafted with love.

“Hey ! wanna try one Ranjini!” I am hooked too by her story, the love and concern involved in her creative process.

“Yeah sure! My pleasure!”

“At the launch ?”

“Yup! at the Launch !”

We at Lumiere invite you to experience handmade goodness of Body Tree Soaps with Ranjini and with her delightful, intimate, totally inspiring story of of a distinctly feminine entrepreneurship

Gentle on Skin, Gentle on Earth… Oh Ranjini & BODYTREE!

We need more people thinking like you do!

Happy and honored to have you at Lumiere !


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