Tried commercially made highly publicized fruit jams?

by Lumiere, Mar-23rd , 2018

Tried commercially made highly publicized fruit jams?

Even as their fruit content seems highly suspicious ,there is no dearth of sugar, artificial colors ,flavors and pectin too ,it seems , a thickening agent derived from plants, considering how difficult it often is to spread ordinary low end commercial jams decently on a slice of bread!

Try our new Apple Jam created by our new Production Head Sandhya to test/ taste the difference. when a small pile of Kashmiri apples left over from the sales stock caught her eye ,out leapt one of those perpetually busy bees in her bonnet all abuzz .Next thing you know this diminutive looking woman has pulled on her hair cap and apron and comes in armed with her kitchen knife singlehandedly attacking the entire heap with the express idea of creating a wonderful jam out of them .

The breakthrough was how the natural peel of the fruit was completely utilized by sheer practical insight and a little internet hearsay.Because traditionally,in days of yore when jam making came into vogue in Europe despite the prohibitively expensive price of sugar that was a middle eastern import ,the thickening of a jam was achieved by incorporating a couple of whole cooking apples into the recipe .This was because the thickening or congealing quality of apple peels was already recognized .In fact the very NAME Pectin derives from Ancient Greek meaning "congealed, curdled”. Yes ,if you have sensed a certain connect with plastics, Pectin too is a polymer but a bio polymer

So Sandhya decided to just the core the apples ,dice them into medium sized cubes with the peel left on completely .The diced cubes were left overnight in just enough water to cover them in order to start the process of activating the pectin in the peels. The next day these were cooked in the same water without wasting even a drop of nutritive goodness on a slow fire till it thickened to the right consistency after which appropriate quantities of sugar was added as also some powdered cinnamon for its awesome flavor support.

“The trick lies in the stirring ,in recognizing the right consistency of the cooked and mashed fruit before adding the sugar;. Because once the sugar is added you cannot make any changes .It has a way of stabilizing things.Lime juice is of course a definite addition for its tangy freshness and natural citric acid content .It does its work supporting the preserving action of sugar.”

“When the jam leaves the ladle very slowly then it is time to bottle it .The viscous mix is actually poured into sundried clean glass bottles and left to cool unlidded. The test for consistency is completed when not a drop of jam runs out even if the bottle is completely inverted !”

On cooling we place the disk of waxed paper and ensure the lids are screwed on securely to prevent spoilage .But of course ,since our entire process is so natural ,we always advise our clients to refrigerate the bottle with its contents once open!”

It is tasting time and Chef Manu passes me a couple of neatly cut slices of his divine whole wheat bread .Spreading Sandhya’s Apple jam on a slice of fresh bread is truly a sensual delight. It’s color is plain ,simple ,unvarnished.Its texture however kisses every pore of the spongy lovely bread .

Yes.You guessed right .a little jam goes a loooong way indeed!
And it does the same thing to the tongue.

It has this way of coating the tongue lightly but with a effortless thoroughness covering every millimeter with its unobtrusively textured gentle sweetness…

“...Ooh, yeah! All right!
We're jammin':
I wanna jam it wid you! ...“

Yeah.That’s Bob Marley coming through from some recess of memory in a completely different interpretation of course of the word jamming as i lick the spoon meticulously after the last scoop

“...We're jammin', jammin'
Jammin' till the jam is through!”


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