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by Radha Gomati, Jun-12th , 2017

We all love our Veggies because they are totally scrumptious and packed with loads of goodness!

Especially when they are ethically raised, toxin free , organically grown ones like those that grace our shelves at Lumiere… Ever wondered what the plants that give us all these lovely veggies to eat , get to eat in our farms?

Well,in this exclusive post about compost we are sharing the secret recipe of the gourmet fare we regularly prepare for our plants in our farms!

Perhaps you could try a scaled down version for your green-leaved pals. [Statutory warning: The results may leave your more old school neighbours a bit green-eyed with envy! :)]

Pass it on by all means if it works for you!


  1. Fresh Farm Green Vegetable waste like cabbage and leaves, Banana plant with leaves - about 1 ton
  2. Dry materials like hay, grass, small stems, Coir pith etc - about 1 ton
  3. Cow Dung - about 1 ton
  4. Free range poultry manure - about 1 ton
  5. Lime powder - 1 bag (I bag is about 25 kgs. In the market, it is available under the name ‘Dolomite’.)
  6. Activated Effective Microorganism Solution - 20 liters (‘Maple’ is the brand we use and it is the most popular. 1 Liter could cost around Rs. 350)

Step 1: EM solution is activated with Jaggery [1 liter EM can be activated to 20 liters with water and 1 kg jaggery]

Mixed together it must be kept for 7 days. This will provide the microorganisms to decompose the compost materials fast and also supply the required biological activity once the compost is ready. This activated EM solution in the proportions given here can be mixed with 200 or 300 liters of water on the composting day. This can be sprinkled on top of each layer of composting materials for maximum result.

Step 2: We made a base of 6m X 3m for the compost. Composting in this recipe is done in the form of a heap in this recipe and not in a pit

Step 3: Layer the dry materials first at 4-6 inch thickness and then sprinkle water to have about 30% moisture

Step 4: Spread the Green materials in a layer of 4-6 inch thickness and then sprinkle water to get about 20% moisture (slightly less as the green stuff is already moist) Sprinkle lime powder over the top as dust.

Step 5: Now add the Cow Dung in a layer of 2-3 inch thickness. Sprinkle water to have about 30% moisture

Step 6: Repeat the Poultry manure in a layer of 2-3 inch thickness and then sprinkle water to have about 30% moisture

Step 7: Apply EM Solution over the top

  1. Repeat step 3 to 7 till you finish all the materials.
  2. Mix cow dung with water to slurry consistency.
  3. Splatter upon the heap and gently hand press so that it works like a plastering to protect other materials from falling.
  4. Please keep the compost covered so that rain water doesn't fall directly on it and sufficient heat is generated within the heap to help the decomposing of materials.

In 3 to 4 days time, check the heap for moisture and sprinkle water to keep the moisture at around 20-30%.


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